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We trained our AI on several thousand images of street signs to teach it what to look for when someone uploads an image to Native Navigator. Once the type of sign is detected, the name or meaning of the sign is translated into the desired language and then spoken aloud for the user to understand.



Antonio Capdevielle

Antonio goes to San Ramon Valley High School, Antonio enjoyed learning about artificial intelligence and how he was able to train software by using data. He wants to major in computer science and get more experience with artificial intelligence and deep learning in college.

Justin Dahl

Justin goes to Buffalo Grove High School and is a self driven student that enjoys all facets of computer programming and business. He would like to major in Computer Science and minor in finance.

Luke Ni

Luke goes to Chapel Hill High School. He relished working on the code and troubleshooting for errors. He also enjoyed learning about how machine learning trains data using neural networks. He has no clue what he wants to major in.

Druthi Palle

Druthi attends Saratoga High School. She was interested in learning more about AI and how it can be used to solve real-world problems. She enjoyed training the data and working on the translation/text to speech aspects of the project. In college, she wants to major in computer science.

Hana Smahi

Hana goes to Woodinville High School. Hana enjoyed training the data, expanding her computer knowledge through debugging, and learning about Artificial Intelligence. In the near future, she wants to major in computer science. 

Justin Wang

Justin is a rising sophomore at Lambert High School. He enjoyed learning about neural networks, training the data, and working on the website. Interested in economics and computer science.

Logan Fortune

Graduated with a bachelors from the University of Houston, with a masters in AI on the way from Texas A&M University. Logan will start work as an L3 Google Software Engineer later in the Summer. He enjoyed leading the students and sparking their interests in AI.